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Bread pan straps

Bread pan straps

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Baking forms peelboards

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KeyBAKE, Key to your best bakeware

Bakery lines require high quality bakeware with low tolerances.

We, of KeyBAKE, design and produce bakeware that meets these needs.

With many years of experience and using the most modern production methods we are able to make high quality bakeware and keeping the cost low.

One name, KeyBAKE, for design and production.

Challenge us with your requirements!

Our Expertise

Based on our 40 years experience we are able to improve your capacity and baked product.

KeyBAKE products in the spot lights.

Besides custom made products, KeyBAKE produces standard products as well.

Our bakeware is leading and produced with the newest technology.

Track & trace

We do produce bakeware for track and trace systems for integration in full automatic systems.

Highest performance Less production failure. Longer lifetime Track and Trace systems for bakeware for higher efficiency and sustainability in your baking line.

KeyBAKE continues where others stop.

Logo KeyBAKE

Made in Holland

KeyBAKE has its own production facility in The Netherlands. Short lines of communication between sales and production for optimal result. KeyBAKE is leading in the world for bakeware.